Bank & ATM

  • Bank of the Bahamas International; 242-336-3000. located N of town. Hoopers Bay. ATM
  • Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited; 242-336-3391. George Town.
  • Royal Bank of Canada; 242-336-3251. George Town. ATM Scotia Bank Bahamas, Ltd.; 242-336-2651 / 2652. George Town. ATM. An affiliate of Bank of America.


  • Police & Fire Emergency: 919.
  • BASRA (Bahamian Air Sea Rescue Association); 242-336-2127

Medical / Clinic / Pharmacy

  • Exuma Dental Services; 242-358-4584. The doctor is from Nassau.
  • Government Clinic; 242-336-2088 Doctor, nurse, and dentist. Hours 0900-1700; Monday – Friday.
  • Island Med Medical Clinic; 242-336-2220. Dr Nicholas Fox, 242-325-1649, a private doctor from Nassau is in the office on Thursdays. Office is open Monday through Friday staffed by a nurse. Hooper’s Bay.

Pharmacy: Smitty’s Drug Store; 242-336-2144; fax: 242-336-2146. Located about 3 mi. N of town. This is the only pharmacy in the S Bahamas. John, the pharmacist, gets twice-weekly shipments of prescription drugs from Nassau. While he keeps a good stock of standard pharmaceuticals he may not stock special combinations available in the US. Your doctor can phone or fax in a prescription. If it is special, the doctor can consult with John by phone to see what alternatives may be available through Nassau.


  • The United States has an agreement with the Bahamas that the US Coast Guard will provide medivac assistance when the medical condition is severe. The Bahamas Defense Force should initiate the contact.

Medical Ambulance Services

  • Air Ambulance; 954-491-0555. Service from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.
  • American Jets Air Ambulance; 772-465-0893. Service from Ft. Pierce.
  • Divers Alert Network; 800-446-2671/ 919-684-8111. Service from Duke U., Durham NC.
  • Life Flight; 888-543-3358; 305-663-6859. Service from Opalocka FL; pediatrics only.
  • Medical Air Services Association; 800-423-3226.
  • National Air Ambulance;800-327-3710; 954-359-9400. Service from Fort Lauderdale.

U.S. Air Ambulance; 800-948-1215; 941-536-2000. Service from FL.



  • Canadian Consulate; 242-393-2123. Shirley Street Plaza, Nassau.


  • Embassy of the People’s Repubic of China; 242-393-1415.
  • Consular Section; 242-393-2919.

United States of America

  • U.S. Embassy; 242-322-1181 / 1182. Queen Street, Nassau.
  • Alternate Website.
  • Consular Section; Fax: 242-356-7174. Nassau.
  • Economic & Commercial Section; 242-323-7180. Nassau.
  • US Naval Liaison; 242-322-8587. Nassau.
  • US Coast Guard; 242-325-0664. Nassau.
  • US Customs & Border Protection; 242-377-8461 / 7125 / 7126. Nassau.
  • Drug Enforcement Agency; 242-322-1700. Nassau.
  • Note: U.S. Citizens are encouraged to register with the Consular Affairs Section while visiting the Bahamas to facilitate communication and assistance if needed.

Groceries & Produce

  • Driftwood Cafe; 242-336-3800; driftwoodcafegt@gmail.com. Sells grass-fed organic beef selections.
  • E&L Meats & Grocery; 242-336-3434. Hoopers Bay.
  • Exuma Markets; 242-336-2033; Fax: 242-336-2645.. Hours:

Monday-Thursday 0800-1800; Friday – Saturday 0800-1900; Sunday 0800-1100. This is the best grocery store in the Exumas with a wide selection, fresh and frozen meats, deli, fresh produce. They maintain convenient dinghy pier on Lake Victoria behind the market with free RO water to fill jerry cans. Store offers a bulletin board for cruisers and will accept and hold mail and packages for cruising boats. George Town.

  • Fresh produce is offered by local residents at the Straw Market and along the main street.
  • Hoggie’s Wholesale. Offers a limited selection in large size packages of major brands.
  • Marshall’s Snack Supplies; 242-336-3390. George Town.
  • Peanut Man; Darin dark roasts peanuts fresh daily. He sets up shop across from the Customs building; usually from 1000 on.
  • Prime Island Meats and Deli; Located N of George Town. A real butcher shop and deli. Offers rides Mon, Wed, Fri at 1300; Sat at 1100; pickup across from Exuma Market.
  • Shop Rite Mart; 242-336-2670. S side of Lake Victoria. Offers a large selection.
  • Smith’s Food Supply; 242-345-2315. Stuart Manor.
  • Smitty’s Convenience Store; 242-336-2144. Groceries & household items. Hoopers Bay near Darville Lumber.
  • Taylor Grocery; 242-336-2566. George Town.
  • Williams Farm. Fresh vegetables grown in Barraterre. in town near Exuma Market on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Yvon’s Produce. Located at the Straw Market. Fresh tomatoes and other produce.

Petrol Stations

  • Shell Petrol Station
  • Georgetown, next to Exuma Market
  • Petrol station………

Fuel for boats

  • Exuma Yacht Club; 242-336-2578 / 2101. Has diesel and gas available at its fuel pier. Note: Feb 2012, the gas pump on the fuel pier is not operating; gas is available at filling station.
  • Marshall’s Shell station in Lake Victoria N of the entrance has gas and diesel. There is a dinghy dock available in Lake Victoria while fueling.
  • Minns Water Sports sells fuel for boats only at the NE corner of its dock.

Strachan’s Service Station; 242-336-2378.


  • See Ferry for Water Taxi
  • Numerous local taxis can be contacted on VHF Ch-16 (Ch-14 is working channel).
  • Listen to Cruisers Net for opportunities to share taxis to the airport.
  • Taxi fare to / from airport: $30 / 1 person; $35 / 2 persons.
  • Bal Sound’s Taxi; 242-525-0832; 242-357-2375; 242-336-2905; VHF Ch-16 (Taxi 23). Bal Sound sponsors the men’s and women’s softball teams.
  • Exuma Travel & Transportation / Exuma Transit Services; 242-345-0232. Airport.
  • Exuma Bus Service; 242-554-3227.
  • Junior Taxi Service; 243-336-2509.
  • Leslie Dames Taxi Service; 242-357-0015.
  • Luther Rolle Taxi Service; 242-345-5003.
  • Taxi 16; 242-357-0410; 242-336-2116; VHF Ch-16. Clifford Strachan.
  • Taxi 19;
  • Taxi 57; J.J.’s Taxi Service; 242-524-7443; VHF Ch-16. James “JJ” Rolle.